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By Choo Choo Love

Spring 2010
- May 2011


     Last winter, Earl decided to use another route to get home. This route would take us past the Waverly Memorial Gardens, a cemetery located about two miles from our home.
     Sometime in early April, as we were driving by the cemetery, I spotted a goose sitting on top of a grave. "I think there's a goose nesting on a grave," I told Earl. Since we were in a hurry, we didn't stop.
     A few days later, we were driving by again and decided to stop to see if there was indeed a goose nesting on a grave.Sure enough, there was a sweet and very serene goose lying on top of a grave. She appeared to have made a nest in the middle of a large autumn wreath and she was surrounded by dried flowers and pine cones. She looked so beautiful and so calm. We named her Mrs. Grave. About fifty feet away stood two geese. We weren't sure if one of them was Mr. Grave.
     We began to visit her every couple of days. Each time we visited, we noticed that she was all alone with no gander in sight. We felt sad for our lonesome goose and began to worry about her safety, especially during the night. But she was alright and it was so nice to visit her and think that she was soon going to bring life into a place of eternal rest.


     On May 5, Mrs. Grave's goslings hatched. She had at least five goslings and once again, there was no gander in sight. The little family looked so absolutely precious and lovely on their wreath. They were a beautiful sight in the cemetery.

     When we visited the next day, there was a goose standing with a rather protective posture about twenty feet from Mrs. Grave. Could he be the absentee Mr. Grave, we wondered? He had to be, we concluded, from his manner and body posture.


Mrs. Grave's missing gander shows up the day after her goslings hatch
     That evening, the family remained at the cemetery. The next day, they had crossed the busy street and were grazing and playing with their goslings. We returned to check on them later but they were gone.

     We have wonderful memories of Mrs. Grave every time we drive by the cemetery. Someday when I die, I hope a goose decides to nest upon my grave, just like Mrs. Grave did, and bring life upon my resting place. That would be the greatest honor for me.

     Sadly, Mrs Grave did not return to nest this year (2011). Whenever we drive by the cemetery and look upon the gravestone where she'd made her nest and brought beautiful life into the world, we remember her charm and the warmth and life she created in a cold place. We miss her very much and we hope she is still enjoying the wild life.